Micro Starter Kit

Microservices starter kit for Golang, aims to be developer friendly.

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Getting Started


Refer prerequisites docs

Initial Setup

Also Refer scaffolding docs

clone the repo

git clone https://github.com/xmlking/micro-starter-kit ~/Developer/Work/go/micro-starter-kit
# pull dependencies (when every time `go.mod` changed)
go mod download



By default this project use embedded sqlite3 database. if you want to use postgreSQL,

  • start postgres via docker-compose command provided below

  • uncommend postgres import statement and comment sqlite in plugin.go

  • start micro server with --configFile=config.dev.postgres.yaml flag

    i.e., go run srv/account/main.go srv/account/plugin.go --configFile=config.dev.postgres.yaml

# to start postgres in foreground
docker-compose up postgres
# to stop postgres
docker-compose down
# if needed, remove `postgres_data` volume to recreate database next time, when you start.
docker system prune --volumes


Node: --server_address=localhost:5501x --broker_address=localhost:5502x required only when you are behind VPN a.k.a Work From Home

# dev mode
make run-account
# or
make run-account ARGS="--server_address=localhost:55011 --broker_address=localhost:55021"
# or
go run srv/account/main.go srv/account/plugin.go \
--configDir deploy/bases/account-srv/config \
--server_address=localhost:55011 --broker_address=localhost:55021
make run-greeter
# or
make run-emailer ARGS="--server_address=localhost:55012 --broker_address=localhost:55022"
make run-emailer
# or
make run-emailer ARGS="--server_address=localhost:55013 --broker_address=localhost:55023"
# integration tests for config module via CMD
make run TARGET=demo TYPE=cmd
go run cmd/demo/main.go --help
go run cmd/demo/main.go --database_host= --database_port=7777
export APP_ENV=production
go run cmd/demo/main.go


Refer testing docs



Refer makefile docs


Refer docker docs


Refer releasing docs


make docker DOCKER_REGISTRY=docker.pkg.github.com DOCKER_CONTEXT_PATH=xmlking/micro-starter-kit
docker rmi $(docker images -f "dangling=true" -q)
# make kustomize OVERLAY=e2e NS=default VERSION=v0.1.0-440-g6c7fb7a
make kustomize
kubectl apply -f build/kubernetes.yaml
POD_NAME=$(kubectl get pods -lapp.kubernetes.io/name=account-srv -o jsonpath='{.items[0].metadata.name}')
kubectl logs -f -c srv $POD_NAME
kubectl delete -f build/kubernetes.yaml


Project Docs

  1. makefile

  2. testing

  3. docker

  4. gitops

External Docs

  1. examples - example usage code for micro

  2. microhq - a place for prebuilt microservices

  3. explorer - which aggregates micro based open source projects

  4. micro-plugins extensible micro plugins