Content Management

We are using ScullyIO Static Site Generator tool to pre-render blog content.


Blog module is based on based d-koppenhagen's Repo.

I am using it here for testing with nx monorepo and reporting issues.


# First time blog CMS setup
ng g @scullyio/init:markdown --name="blog" --slug=id --source-dir="libs/blog/posts" --route="home/blog"  -d
# create blog post from template
ng g @scullyio/init:post --name="This is my post" --target=libs/blog/posts --meta-data-file="libs/blog/blog-post-template.yaml" -d


# build angular
ng build
# build scully blog
# options  --showBrowser, --project
yarn run scully --project webapp

# kill if 'zombie' server
yarn scully killServer


# serve static content
yarn run lite-server
# Or do build & run with one command:
yarn run scully:all

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