Project Layout

Project layout, Domain driven development, Single Responsibility Principle

Project structure

├── apps/
├── libs/
│   ├── happynrwlapp/
│   │    ├── registration/
│   │    │   ├── feature-main/
│   │    │   ├── feature-login/
│   │    │   ├── ui-form/
│   │    │   └── utils-testing/
│   │    ├── search/
│   │    │   ├── feature-results/
│   │    │   └── utils-testing/
│   │    └── shared/
│   │        └── ui/
│   ├── adminapp/
|   └── shared/
│       ├── ui/
│       └── utils-testing/
├── tools/
├── workspace.json
├── nx.json
├── package.json
└── tsconfig.json

application module types

  • yeti-web-app yeti web app

  • yeti-web-app-e2e yeti web app e2e testing

  • yeti-mobile-app mobile version of yeti app

  • yeti-desktop-app desktop version of yeti app

  • yeti-api yeti backend API

The app.module is almost the same for the Web, Mobile and Desktop applications. It only imports the feature-shell and performs platform-specific configurations.

library module types

  • workspace libraries, and package libraries(has package.json)

    • workspace libraries are used only within the workspace.

    • package libraries are publishable to NPM and can be used outside its workspace.

  • Utility libraries contain utilities and services.

  • Data-access can contain NGXS-related code and services.

  • Component libraries should contain presentational components and directives.

  • Feature libraries contain business logic, application screens, routable etc.

scoped library modules

  • domain

    • booking/data-access -- a scoped library used in single domain. contains

    • booking/shell-<web/mobile...> -- shell libraries used in a single domain. can have many shell libraries in a single domain

    • booking/feature-search-<web/mobile...> -- feature libraries used in single domain. can have many feature modules in a single domain

    • booking/shared/ui -- a shared library used by multiple feature modules in a single domain. contains

  • shared

    • shared/feature-<something> -- shared feature modules used in multiple domains. Can have many feature modules in shared domain

    • shared/data-access -- a shared type=angular library, contains , used across libs

    • shared/environments -- a shared type=angular library, contains environments, used across libs

    • shared/scss -- a shared type=universal library, contains scss, used across libs and apps

    • shared/assets -- a shared type=universal library, contains static non-TypeScript assets e.g., , used across libs and apps

    • shared/ui --a shared UI library used across applications

    • shared/utils --a shared type=universal libraries used across applications. e.g., data structures , algorithms

  • nestjs - contains nestjs shared and feature modules

    • nestjs/config -- config module

    • nestjs/environments -- a shared universal library, contains environments, used across libs

  • components -- publishable component modules, published to NPM via Lerna. to be used by parent project as well as outside projects. modules here contains package.json

  • core -- core library contains used globally, only included in application modules


  • Libraries with a broader scope (e.g., shared/ui) should not depend on the libraries with narrower scope (e.g., booking/shared/ui).

  • Component libraries should only depend on other component libraries and utility libraries, but should not depend feature libraries.


  • The shell component is the entry point component of our layout and features. Every additional route is added to the children array of the shell component route. Additional routes will be rendered by the router outlet in the shell component template.

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