Using GitFlow branching model and tools for Versioning, Semantic Release


standard-versionwill do the following:
  1. 1.
    "Bump" the version in package.json
  2. 2.
    Update the CHANGELOG.md file
  3. 3.
    Commit the package.json and CHANGELOG.md files
  4. 4.
    Tag a new release in the git history

standard-version commands

npm whoami
# create the initial release and create the `CHANGELOG.md`
yarn run release --first-release --dry-run
# This will tag a release without bumping the version in package.json (et al.).
# Cut a Release
yarn run release --dry-run
# create a pre-release instead of a regular one
yarn run release --prereleas --dry-run
# cut a new alpha release version
yarn run release --prerelease alpha --dry-run
# fource a version
yarn run release --release-as 1.1.0 --dry-run

Developer Workflow

versioning and release
# from develop branch start a new release branch (use next version)
git flow release start '0.1.4'
# on release branch, do any release changes e.g., generate `CompoDoc`
# then update CHANGELOG, Bump version and Commit both with:
yarn run release
# Optionally publish this release (if you have CI actions to do)
git flow release publish
# now finish release. you have to commit 3 times.
git flow release finish
# now you are back to develop. push all changes to remote
# git push origin --all && git push origin --tags
"release": "standard-version && git push — follow-tags origin master && yarn publish"
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