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  • How do I use this template projects?

    Add your own app along with default app and use shared modules in libs. once you are conferable , then you can delete demo default app

  • How structure code into modules for better organize and maintain code?

    Use Core, Shared and lazy-loaded Feature modules More here

  • How do I mock test?

Refer here

  • Differential Loading

    Find what browsers are supported? cd apps/webapp, npx browserslist

  • How do I design Landing page?

  • How to Profile Change Detection?

Refer here type ng.profiler.timeChangeDetection(); in console.

Microfrontends and Monorepos

about new Angular 9 providedIn scopes 'any' and 'platform'

**'Root'** will still be the default for most services. It makes it very convenient to create tree-shakable services which are singleton within an application.

**'Platform'** is most likely used for creating shared services for Angular Elements. If you know another use case, please let me know an create a PR on this article.

**'Any'** is very helpful to make sure a service is a singleton within module boundaries. It's a robust alternative to 'root' to make sure the individual modules don't have a side effect on each other.

Read Total Guide To Angular 6+ Dependency Injection : providedIn vs providers: []

  • How to manage state in the front-end?

use NGXS Read Immer with NGXS

  • Best practices for NgRx Action?

Types of Actions: User Actions, Backend Actions, Device Actions Watch Good Action Hygiene with NgRx Mike Ryan

  • How to implement route animations?

Refer here Refer here Refer here

  • Total Guide To Dynamic Angular Animations That Can Be Customized At Runtime

Refer here

  • how to Deploy to GitHub Pages?

Refer here

  • How to chose a color palette for material components?

Refer here

  • how to implement search experience with facets and sort options?

Refer here

  • What I get from angular-cli?

Refer stories Refer blogs

  • Publishing Angular Library?

Refer stories

  • How to customize material design typography?

Refer stories

  • How to cache backed-end API?

Use shareReplay Checkout combineLatest and shareReplay use in DeborahK's Repo and her talk.

-- ngadd

Refer Curated list of common mistakes made when developing Angular applications

semantic-release is a fully automated library/system for versioning, changelog generation, git tagging, and publishing to the npm registry.

add ngx-semantic-version refer Refer Angular DevOps Watch Automating Releases with semantic-release Read enforcing commit conventions Read automate package releases

  • How to package the libs for publishing ?

Useng-packagr Usewith nx

  • How to lazy load modules ?

Use Angular Loadable for non-routable modules

  • How to implement security interceptors?

Enriching HTTP clients with capabilities related to security, performance or resilience Refer

  • How to get HTTPS working on your local development environment?


  • 10 More Useful Angular Features You Might Not Have Heard Of


  • How to implement Server-side Pagination, Filtering, Sorting, with Angular Material Data Table

    Complete Examples Refer blog Refer Example 1 Refer Example 2

  • how to generate PWA's Push Notifications key pair?

Refer web-push-codelab

  • How to setup NestJS Project?

Refer An Introduction to NestJS > Refer Vendure an eCommerce framework build with GraphQL and NestJS Refer Getting Started with Nest.js What’s new in NestJS Swagger 4 ?

  • Shoud I use mergeMap or concatMap or switchMap or forkJoin for my usecase?

Short Answer: concatMap for writes, mergeMap for reads, switchMap when you have to cancel http call. TL;DR: mergeMap doesn’t preserve the order, concatMap does preserve the order. switchMap cancels previous inner Observables when a new inner Observable appears Ref blog Ref blog Ref blog

  • Secure Angular App with KeyCloak?

in this project, we are demonstrating how to secure UI and backend APIs using following OIDC Flows.

  1. Resource Owner Password Credentials FLow

  2. Implicit FLow

  3. Authorization Code FLow Waiting

  4. how to link local npm projects when you o patch a npm module locally?

    Ref blog

  5. Do you know how many change detections are triggered in the component?

Checkout this tweet

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  • Organizing Styles

    Global SCSS and per component specific SCSS (modular!)

    1. Global styles

    2. Component styles

    3. Theme styles

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Nebular Layout

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